Alic Sanna

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Alic (Alisander) Sanna is a voks man from Quetchia on Shade. He's written by Herm.


He is the postman for Quetchia's administrative centre, but not the deliveryman to the outlying settlements on the island.


Voksin man of 24 (early middle age). Brown eyes. Looks something like a classical Greek sex god, but with Legolas ears and standing under 4.5 feet (about 1.3 m) tall.

He was on the tall side, physically imposing to a moderate degree, and had a tattoo on his nearside arm. Honey hair, below the shoulder, but still definitely male. [1]


Paraskive Taxidies claims Sanna is a good cook, "ex-military service" and [other claims censored for modesty].


Alic has said in chat that he wanted a puppy as a child, and that his mother put a collar on one of the local coatis to assuage him. He may have been joking.

He's also said his father is a dentist, and, on the logic that nobody would want to make up something like that, Herm believes him.

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