Nico (Voks)

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Nicolyo Kalonimos, always called Nico, is a voks character written by Herm. He is completely separate from other Nicos.


Around 4ft or 1.2m tall, classically proportioned gobbo. Liquid brown eyes, wide smile. Short, dark brown hair.

History and character

Nico is an old friend of Suitov Iceheart and of Wilmer, Lotsi and Hannes.

Motormouth. Has a somewhat daunting and critical facade, and an "inimitable way... of being both acidic and affectionate".

Suitov's stated OOCly that Nico "was the oldest of us [the bachelor pack]--chronologically and in relative biological terms, not to mention psychologically--and he made a very effective brood-parent to the rest of us. Lottir knew him the longest. Nico did not suffer fools gladly or at all (except for me). He was a perfectionist, most particular about accents and very patient with a select few." (N.B. Either he was mistaken about age here or his writer got it wrong; Lottir is technically older, but Nico acts it.)

Non-magical, non-telepath.

He doesn't drink alcohol very often.

Named after a puppy from Crete.

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