Adalfrid Of Applestone

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Lady Adalfrid of Applestone (a courtesy title), called Frida, is a witch and prolific research scholar.

She is also the wife of Lord Suitov and, because of the workings of heritable titles, the mother of another Lord Suitov. Her birth surname is Waldbach. Her parents are Alrige and Rike (Henrike) Waldbach of Hounstone.

Like other witches, Adalfrid's working style is improvised and intuitive. Her broad area of interest is the natural world and ecology. She's a raging hippie and keen on animals. Like all Shaded magicians of her time, her theories are a huge part superstition and magical thinking [1].

Adalfrid and her husband have two children, Rige (male) and Betel (female). She is given to following the latest trendy theories concerning child-rearing and education. Rige grows up a dragannerie-obsessed pacifist. Betel, with her father and brother around her, is more what you'd expect from a warlord's child. Both, however, are kind to animals.

Herm: She... was... interesting. Pretty much the antithesis of little Rige's careful bookwormishness; Frida was all about the touchy and feely and up-close experimentation. Childrearing was one long learning opportunity. He takes after her in little ways: odd things in pockets. Benign interest in animals.
Herm: Now I think about it, you could say Frida has a steely core as well. She's absolutely kind and well-meaning, but she tests her latest hippy herbs-and-crystals theories on anyone within reach nonetheless.
Herm: Mostly, she was not aristocratic. Suitov, Ice's dad, was pretty smitten.
Ree: The sort who sees an abrasion and exclaims "Ooh, I have a new salve for that!"?
Herm: Yup, I think so. She was less into healing and more the other witchy areas, though.
Ree: Like Chromatic Theory and such, you mean?
Herm: Yes, very much so: psychobabble and child development.

See also: Chromatic Theory, one of the (many) systems Adalfrid researches (and not a particularly significant one, other than that she died having not yet finished her paper on the topic).

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