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Note: 'Suitov' is often used as shorthand, especially in the Twine Wars context, to refer to Suitov Iceheart.
Note: Herm has been known to use the username 'Suitov', particularly in sites where Baskerville is already taken. However, there is no family relation.

The name Suitov refers to a line of nobility based in Applestone. The name is pronounced "swee-toff" in its Applicised form. The original pronunciation is closer to "svee-tofe".

From one of the Nordgelert languages, the word "suitov" means "winter" and takes the normal form for a title or surname. Non-inheriting cions of the Applestone Suitovs sometimes take the surname Winter. The "ov" is not a Russian-style suffix that means "son of"; the language bears no relation to Russian (at least, the capitalist dog author would be surprised to learn otherwise).

Lords Suitov tend to acquire a given nickname during their youth, a family tradition that was more or less formalised at around the third or fourth generation. Thus, the most well-known of the Suitovs in modern times is Suitov Iceheart, and other notable Suitovs have included Suitov Sangfroid and Suitov Steedfast.

The first one

The origin of the Suitov line lies with a then-unknown northerner who arrived from the boreal wastes and promptly performed a service (likely martial) for the monarch of the time, resulting in the reward of land and hereditary title, the latter being self-chosen. As the founder, he was known simply as Lord Suitov (of Applestone) without a nickname.

The rest

  1. Suitov the first, no nickname
  2. [Suitov Brownsides]?
  3. [Suitov Spurs of Iron]?

Use the {{suitov}} tag, after a horizontal rule, at the end of articles about Suitov lords or their spouses.

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