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Applestone is an area in the south-west of Woking on Shade. It is noted for high-quality apples, in several local varieties, as well as locally-produced cider.

The Suitovs are Applestone's landlords (actually warlords).


Applestone belongs to the southern Crown. It is in the fertile forested belt nicknamed "Woking's orchard"; more specifically, located between the territories of Cumentos and Garfdale (ie nobles).

Deciduous woodland with a few evergreens covers a huge part of the Applestone territory. The four local settlements are crop-rearing communities with some livestock and plenty of orchards. Other than cider and apples, most local products are those that go hand-in-hand with orchards: geese, pork and honey.

Foxes and wolves are found there along with other typical wildlife. Wildcats are rarely seen (there are no domestic cats). Unicorn infestations are rare and historically have never been large enough to be problematic.

At its most westerly point, Applestone is a few days' to a week's foot travel from the large, sroll- and voks-inhabited Montuone region.

The four large-ish (~600 people) villages in the Suitov lord's territory are Hounstone (formerly Hounstun), Waifstone (formerly Wyfstun), Toxtun (formerly Tocterstun) and Airstone (formerly Heirstun). Local pronunciations are changing towards conscious mimicry of "Applestone", out of the understandable, erroneous assumption that the "stone" in that name means "stone". (It's from "'s tun" and means "cask".) This means that despite the lord saying "applestun", the educated locals say "applestohn", believing they're being posher or more correct.

Law enforcement

As with all rural areas of Woking


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