Suitov Sangfroid

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Lord Suitov Sangfroid, first name Betelheid, is the thirteenth Suitov lord. Though living some generations before the birth of Suitov Iceheart, their personalities are remarkably similar. This is passing interesting because Sangfroid dies before Iceheart's birth, suggesting that not only can temperament be inherited, it can skip generations.

Sangfroid, pronounced sang-fwaa, is French for "cold blood"; in English it is a noun meaning coolness and unflappability. These attributes do indeed characterise Sangfroid, who earns the nickname early in life and lives up to it throughout an impressive military career. Sangfroid does not win any famous victories, but is generally regarded as an excellent general: calm under pressure, consistently reliable, if occasionally given to grand gambits (which, it must be said, have usually paid off).

Such has been the resemblance between Sangfroid and Iceheart, that those well-read on the Suitov clan have been known to call the latter "Sangfroid" too - which, though Sangfroid is a woman, Iceheart takes as an unqualified compliment.

Suitov lords, chronological order:
Suitov the first | Brownsides | Spurs of Iron | | Sangfroid | | Steedfast | Iceheart

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