Suitov Steedfast

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Suitov Steedfast is one of the Suitov lords based in Applestone on Shade.

His wife is Adalfrid of Applestone. His son is Rige, later Suitov Iceheart, and his daughter is Betel of Applestone.


Steedfast resembles a typical later-generation Nordgelert immigrant, tall, muscular and heavily-boned without appearing overweight, and dark-haired with skin slightly lighter than the norm. He has long hair in the tradition of Woking nobility, and has at various times either a short beard or a clean-shaven face. His eyes are light blue to grey and towards the end of his life he develops whitening hair at his temples. His (military) colours are blue and green.


Steedfast's name in its original language is a play on two words meaning "dutiful plodding steed" and "snap decision-taking". Calling him 'Steedfast' in English is an attempt at an equivalent pun.

He acquires the nickname thanks to his first military service under his father, which set the tone for his future career: reliable but not imaginative.


Steedfast grows up in peacetime until at fifteen (legally adult) he accompanies his parent (14th Lord Suitov) on a campaign. He probably serves as a cavalry commander. Steedfast acquires a reputation for capability, a strict sense of honour and/or obligation, a lack of innovation and an ability to respond to changing events quickly.

On his return home he marries an entirely unsuitable young woman named Frida and has a son, Rige, who is largely a washout in the warlording department. Steedfast is away from home several times in the next eight years and he and his wife have no further children until peace breaks out, at which point Steedfast returns home, hoping it will be for good. They have a daughter named Betel.

Around six years later Frida and Betel are killed in an accident, shortly after Steedfast's own death in more suspicious circumstances. The son survives to become the 16th Lord Suitov, in due course acquiring the name Iceheart.

Suitov lords, chronological order:
Suitov the first | Brownsides | Spurs of Iron | | Sangfroid | | Steedfast | Iceheart

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