Shaded Academic Journal

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Scholars from Shade, those who communicate at all, do so by way of Shade's academic journals.

This is chiefly a tradition of the southern hemisphere. The two major journals are Life and NLW. Both are written in the Montuone language and originate in that country, although readers may be located anywhere (see below).


Of the two, Life is characterised as the more staid, NLW (named for Nature's Laws and Wonders, a text simultaneously revered and ridiculed by both journals) as the more outré. Contributors to each journal loathe the contributors to the other. Barbed remarks and outlandish accusations are rife. To admit to reading both is rather... unusual.

Scholars always write under pen names and, possibly excepting those who know each other face-to-face, do not know their peers' 'other' identities or places of residence. The obvious exception to this is whichever member is in charge of printing and distributing the journals. This is a fiercely-guarded tradition and owes a lot to paranoia and dim memories of past scientific witch-hunts.

The principles of dragannerie are at their most expressed in these pages, although it is seldom referred to by name. It is simply what one does.

Example of letters page, where the most fun is to be had

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