Boundary Mechanics For Geniuses

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Boundary Mechanics for Geniuses, also called Heigh's Boundary Mechanics for Geniuses, subtitled "A boring, utterly confusing read for the rest of us", is a Shaded book by Sora Heigh (a mage scholar).

The book describes techniques for writing warding spells, with examples and a large section dealing with the warding requirements for neutrality laws.

The various examples and techniques can be used to create wards to guard your territory in various ways: some with a psychic component - scaring people off, making them forget why they came there, making the place 'invisible' to them - and some with visual, auditory or physical deterrents.

There are also techniques to make your wards 'sort' visitors, for example singling out people who intend something violent (this also uses psychic techniques) and letting people in peaceful moods through.

It's written roughly mid-War, but used slightly out of timeline at the (out-of-continuity anyway) Cross'd Roads inn for storytelling convenience.

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