Elf (Eodea)

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Eodean elves are a species of possibly immortal humanoids.


Elves tend to pale skin, are on average slimmer or more fragile to humans, and have pointed ears. The most common haircolours are black, dark brown, white blond and blonde; medium browns are relatively rare. Eyes usually are bigger than humans', and green, blue or grey. Other hair- or eyecolours point at some non-elven ancestry.

Growth and Age

Compared to eodean humans, its elves bred slowly. It has occasionally been suggested that the reason is that no remotely sane person wants to be saddled with someone who takes 400-500 years to grow up.

And elven child will nearly stop growing around age twelve, until a growth spurt three or four centuries later. As far as can be told, elves are never full-grown; it seems after that growth-spurt, which usually leaves them somewhat shorter than an "average human", they keep growing, albeit at a slow and steadily decreasing rate.

Elves don't seem to age like humans do, and are generally assumed to be immortal, provided they are not killed by an illness or some form of violence.


All elves are psions. Most of them are "only" empaths or low-skill telepaths, but individuals schooling themselves to greater skill can be found without too much difficulty. Psionics work slightly different for elves than for other species. Once the gift emerges, the empathy is "always on", and it needs concentration to block feelings out. In their natural surroundings (ie among other elves), it is mostly used to keep contact with other empaths/elves, so many elves have difficulties "reading" non-empaths.

Other magic is rare.


The elves scattered by the expansion of Kondar are, well, scattered. They do not form a nation, but a multitude of tribes and clans, some of them loosely allianced, some and the brink of war, or beyond. The idea that building cities is a bad one is nearly universal, though.

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