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Forbas Splintersgrove is a bounty hunter character thought up by Mutt and intended for the bounty hunter short co-written with Anke and Vespers.

[His first canonical appearance] is probably as good a general introduction as any.


Forbas resembles a human male with a goat's hind legs and no horns.

Average human height overall but with a slightly smaller torso-to-leg ratio. Typical stance is slouched with pelvis tilted forward. Changeable green eyes. Tightly curled black hair, often waxed when at play. Longish sideburns, often stubble. Floppy ears.

His legs are well-muscled and neatly brushed. Forbas is warm brown on the flanks. His belly and a stripe along his spine (below the fur-line) are black, as are his cannons (shins) from hock to fetlock. In brief, an [Oberhasli buck].

His scent is goaty and musky, strongest in autumn. To a canine this scent might be interpreted as "lone male with something to prove".


At work

A lot of leather. Army surplus brigandine or jack-of-plate coat. Bracers. Usually carries a bow, currently broken. Interesting belt. Sweatband. Rough leggings; he has trouble getting trousers to fit. A couple of daggers in ankle or gaskin sheaths.

At play

Loose unlaced poet shirt, leggings. Mohair scarf and coat in cold weather. Up to two earrings in right ear (removed when working). Often beads, bangles and chains on tail, in hair, around ankles and occasionally waist. Has to be very drunk before he'll wear a cowbell.


Good night vision. Can swim. Sure-footed, athletic, good climber.


Can dance and play gemshorn [1], in both cases tirelessly and almost supernaturally well. No special attributes to his voice. When he plays a woodwind instrument (which is all he can play, except bongos, sort of) people panic - that is, they go into a frenzy of varying type depending what effect Forbas wants to achieve. Generally used to instil terror or lust, can also induce rioting.


Very fast, vicious and tenacious scrapper. Can go a bit nuts. Powerful, concentrated kick. Can shoot a bow.

Employment history

Forbas was a jobbing musician for some years. After that he joined an earl's private law enforcement/brute squad. He eventually left it for a more glamorous job that would let him set his own irregular hours and is now a bounty hunter.

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