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Freddy, more officially known as Frederick Arthur Rhodes, is an altogether too cheerful young human (written by Poet) who does not suffer from various forms of insanity but enjoys every minute of them. Though his point of origin is one of the many Terran offshoots he himself is everywhere, doing everything, seemingly all the time. Unfortunately since he starts humming showtunes when you ask him, no one has yet entirely figured out how he manages this.

A jack-of-all-trades very much in love with love and the smiles of strangers, Freddy believes that every moment of life, in pleasure or pain, should be lived with utmost passion. It may be the secret to his constant happiness. His best kept secrets however are his long string of tragically short romances with various charming but already deceased young women, and the fact that he is a rather accomplished serial murderer of dubious religious ties.

Freddy's mother was very english, and his father was very japanese. Depending on which of them you ask, Freddy is the others' fault.

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