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This article describes a Profusion or MoonBurnt member.

Poet is a writer, artist, and construction worker sometimes known as The Mad Poet on the internet, even though it is certainly not the only one. Though generally regarded as male, very very long hair and occaisional squealing fits have thrown some doubts on this classification. Extensive studies have shown that Poet is a subspecies of Hermetic Nerdbunny which talks too much, and may be prone to random expulsions of prose in dangerous shades of aubergine.

Obsessions of Poet include snakes, dragons, worldbuilding, gambling, obscure earth religions, and the complete study of alchemy. Forays into these subjects should be carried out with caution if Poet is in the vicinty, unless cherry popsicles can be provided to keep it quiet.

Poet also answers to Aleki, Ali, B, Boomstick, Fubi, Hitler, and The DM From Hell.

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