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This is a shared concept, character or setting.

Inspiru Multicasting Corporation is a fictional broadcasting company invented for use in Profusion stories of a less serious variety, especially those parodying television shows or media entertainment in general.

Inspiru Multicasting Corporation makes and transmits entertainment programmes over several different media. It uses high-tech magic in its programme-making and other operations.

"Inspiru" is pronounced "inspire you! :)".


Inspiru's stable of regular programming includes:


Inspiru Multicasting Corporation has several major departments:

Inspiru Multicasting Corporation bases its operations on a world that has very few sapient rights laws and does not subscribe to interworld common law.

It has no charter or commitment to include certain types of programmes.

It has never been successfully held to legal account for accuracy, although it goes to a fair amount of trouble to protect its reputation in the public's eyes.

Inspiru Multicasting Corporation carries adverts on all its services, including product placement and/or incidental advertising within many of its programmes.

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