Lords And Ladies

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The pantheon of gods that Sebastian is used to is collectively known as the Lords and Ladies. They may have influence across several worlds, and be known by different names.

Lady Luck is also known as Fortuna. As the name suggests, goddess of luck - good and bad. Lady Luck

Lady Land is also known as the Old Lady. A goddess of nature, particularly concerned with the border between nature and civilisation, and balance betweent he two. Lady Land

The Grain Maid: Fertility

The Horn(?): hunt predators, hunters, including bounty hunters

Sister Mercy: Death and respite

The Gentling: Charity and good will

Lord and Lady Indolence: [1]

Lord Law: Order; reason and cool action.

The Shining One: Blind justice. opposed to monsters and necromancy. His clergy is ruthless, zealous and obsessed with performing their duty. [2]

Gold Coin: Merchants and trade

Tin Coin: Beggars

Lady Sensibility: Art of all stripes; the emotional effect of perceiving something, whether natural or artificial

Compass: science, knowledge, teaching

Lord and Lady Ardour: Love "They'd be a tempestuous bit. At one point, utter love, at some point agape and at some point on and off bickering lovers trying to figure out their relationship."

Lord Malaise: Diseases Mostly known as Pox. He's not very prominent. Underground nutjobs as clergy.

The Faceless One: Insanity, oblivion (probably) also known as Kaelu

The Sword: war

The Dagger: murder

Local Gods

Some gods are affiliated with the pantheon, but have a smaller sphere of influence, geographically speaking.

Smiling Jack is a human-turned-god, possibly by Lady Luck, and a patron of gamblers and criminals. Regional (not even country-wide), centered in Canyet.

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