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Once upon a time, a certain Sebastian Fochs was born.

This has largely been regarded as a very, very bad move.

Later, he spawned such things as Midara.

(Yes, it got worse.)

Of course, he also managed to indirectly spawn Shii.

(No, I don't want to know anything about the latter generations. These three are enough.)

Sebastian's known offspring and relatives are listed on the Fochs page.

1. Past
2. The Now
3. Relationship with Luck, Mythos and Conflicts with Other Religions
4. Relations with Other Characters
5. Appearance
6. Skills
8. See also

1. Past

Sebastian was born... well, he can't remember when, nor where on the map he lived his formative years. (Pro members refer to his world of origin as Foxverse.) The half-elf's origins are strictly the Past for him, and he doesn't dwell on the Past very much. He doesn't even make educated guesses as to how old he is. What little he will tell is that he was raised in a temple dedicated to the Lady of the Land, a goddess of wilderness, especially forests. He doesn't remember his parents, but also doesn't really think much about it -- at least he wouldn't admit to. The story is the same told in many, many songs of love between elves and humans. For one reason or another neither parent would want sole responsibility for raising a child of mixed blood.

No matter how content he might have been, times changed and as the temple's flock dwindled, Sebastian was introduced to cities at the tender age of eight. Step by step he fell in with local thieves, only to have a dramatic falling-out with them once he reached his late twenties. From then on he slowly built a reputation that spread through boundaries and continents as time passed, becoming a bogeyman for the rich, some of whom are keen enough to realise (retrospectively) that the folk stories of a Fox have some truth to them.

It's very likely "Sebastian Fochs" isn't his real name.

Despite his dislike of clinging on to the past, he has been kind enough to tell certain people that his home was a rural church somewhere in a squabbling mess of kingdoms, duchies and baronies. He has also revealed that at least in that area of his homeworld the gods are all Lords or Ladies (= deities) with strict realms of influence and varying levels of power.

2. The Now

The present day Sebastian (= most of his manifestations on Profusion) seems like a deceitfully calm and (mostly) non-violent person, but under the often ridiculous and even childish behaviour lies something not many people have witnessed. The few that have are either family or the exceedingly few that have managed to end up as more than acquaintances (= people who can stand him for long enough and whom he likes). Otherwise, Sebastian is a man of external conflicts and contradictions, as people like Xan have noticed. He isn't, for example, quite as devout a pacifist as he might sound at times, but rather the exact opposite...

The Sebastian who has by now managed to almost forget where he comes from is an uncertain man with a temper of roughly the equivalent of Midara's and psychoses that might be the equivalent of Shii's. His fears are that of a man that has seen too much, and survived it all, not always mentally unscathed. He talks a fine talk, but may just as well show his more rugged side, which holds more than just a man capable of extreme violence in a short period of time. Few things calm him as much as honest banter, possibly with the family he doesn't quite understand regardless of his experience with the gullibility and naiveté of the human (and whatnot) mind.

The half-elf has a sharp mind with a disturbingly high baud rate, but at the same time it's very unpredictable. So much in fact that sometimes it's quite obvious even he isn't quite sure what he's doing. Scholars and clergy with whom the family is affiliated (from the point of the cults and such of the Lady of Luck or the Lady of the Land) claim this to be divine guidance, but it could just be that his mind is too quick for his body.

Though he isn't exactly a social chameleon in the true sense (able to fit into every -- ahem -- niche), Sebastian does have a certain style that he may even like, though damned if he'll ever say whether or not he actually hates the way he has lived his life so far. The thought hasn't really sunk in yet, although at times the futility and hilarity of his long life so far manifest in bouts of light-heartedly displayed bitterness.

He hates chicken with a passion, and prefers to not flirt around with everyone though evidence suggests otherwise.

The halfie has a wonderful working relationship with Weft, in that the two have surprising understanding of each other's acquired tastes (violence, larceny, et cetera).

3. Relationship with Luck, Mythos and Conflicts with Other Religions

Sebastian's relationship with the Lady of Luck is comparable to a stormy on-and-off relationship, except the woman of the relationship is a goddess of a universal concept of happenstance. It's hard to say if it began because Sebastian thought he was lucky and began to worship the Lady of Luck (in his own way), or if it truly is a case that the half-elf has a deeper, more mysterious connection to Lady Fortuna. Whatever the case, it has at least become universally accepted that there is a connection, and a very strong one at that. She continuously arranges for Sebastian to end up in interesting situations (sometimes against so-called "impossible odds") and then puzzlingly also helps him out of these situations. It isn't even unheard of that Lady Luck's divine interventions include the Fox ("the Divine Pawn or King of Fools to not-so-familiar clergy of Fortuna, thank you" --Sebastian) showing up unexpectedly.

The church of Lady Luck sees Sebastian as one of their religious figures. Not quite saint, martyr or even a blood relative of Lady Luck, he is considered at the least to be one of her favoured or a rogue agent of her private little army (her clergy include plenty of warrior-priests, very short-lived ones at that). More commonly he is considered to be her pawn, the underdog that always comes through. He is connected -- within the church and in folklore -- to foxes for the mythological values of foxes: they are creatures of extreme cunning, stealth and persistence and have been said to wear the faces of both saints and devils at the same time. (They are also renowned for a sick sense of humour that often includes stealing things for no apparent or logical reason.)

He has never personally seen the Lady, but is friendly with her clergy, who may or may not be excited to learn they have a beacon of good and bad luck on their grounds.

Sebastian's greatest enemies are similar pawns, heroes or even demi-gods affiliated with laws in one way or another - most of them on the wrong side of the law. Gods of thieves and intrigue are particularly hostile toward him, but he is more than happy to show them why he is the better of the two. The gods of regulations and order see him as a threat to their edicts but are often less able to attack him.

4. Relations with Other Characters

Ayu-Asra is plain amusing. He gives some ground to the dragon, but not much.

Midara would be Sebastian's favourite spoiled daughter if she would let him do it. Her unwillingness to withstand any manner of nonsense from him is seen as an endearing trait, as is the fact that she accepts him in the first place.

Shii is treated with silken gloves. Sebastian treats her gently and carefully, painfully aware of an invisible barrier between them. If only she knew she could get away with almost anything by batting her lashes at him...

Serpentine and Sebastian have met a few times, and while Serp thinks Sebastian is insufferable, he recognises the idiot isn't out to stab him in the back. Sebastian himself quite likes the straightforward, unbowed and untamed nature of the extremely primal (yet delightfully... civilised in his greed) winges.

Sylvie utterly charmed him to the point where he's giving the middle finger to his patron deities

Weft is, in Sebastian's books, a top fellow. He's full of little personality traits Sebastian finds extremely interesting. It does help that Sebbie thinks Weft shares his view of Fate as an ultimately unavoidable thing. Que sera, que sera.

Xan gets careful respect. Any manner of indepedent spirit that proves to be a survivor gets major kudos from Sebastian. He thinks she's a little too uptight, but at the same understands this. Unfortunately, he doesn't like it too much, especially when it seems to make her immune to his ways of winning people over.

5. Appearance

Around 1.75 - 1.8 metres tall (5'9" to 5'11"), athletic.

Iconic wide-brimmed hat.

Hair is silver, very long (varies, as he does clip his hair occasionally, but calf length is the longest yet) and kept in a single plait.

Pointy ears - he is a half-elf (of the classic fantasy sort).

Bright green eyes.

100 watt smile.

6. Skills

Sebastian's become something of a jack of all trades, but is a master - or even expert - of few things. His proficiency with weapons is restricted to axes, the rare sword and (more commonly) hand-to-hand combat. In the end, he's an effective fighter only due to his natural slipperiness and the archaic (older does not mean better) forms. Taunting and frightening his opponents comes as a good tertiary factor. The main areas of expertise are, of course, getting into places he's not supposed to be in (disguise, breaking and entry), tailing, blackmailing, generally ruining the lives of rich people and survival (in cities and the wild). Some of his less obvious skills are carpentry (!), music and a strict knowledge of geography, culture and human/whatever psychology. He's fluent in enough languages to usually make do.

(His aptitude at generally charming and sweet-talking people isn't really a skill.)

He has no skill in magic, although he's learned to understand which kind of magical effects he ought to run from like a sissy. Likewise, he has no heart for poisons, but knows enough about which plants one can use to protect wounds from infection and other, less dangerous maladies. Sebastian's minor skills often consist of only the very basics and trivia.


Please feel free to add if you think there's any kind of quote that speaks about his personality. They're not as easy to find as I thought!

"Well, of course it could be that we're all dead and this is some kind of hell. I didn't have any experience with being destroyed completely beforehand", she said sardonically. "But I doubt that."
"How curious, me neither," Sebastian said absent-mindedly, as if he was completely serious.

"I rather see people as a stupid whole."
"And do you count yourself among them?"
"Why wouldn't I? Equal rights and so forth. I'm just slightly more confusing than the rest, so I would guess that makes them think I'm smarter." Sebastian paused for a moment. Wait, did he really feel this way, or was he just trying to amuse?
Gods, he did feel pretty stupid after all.

His glass wasn't half-empty or half-full, it had a bloody frog in it!

8. See also

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