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In the Character Chat board Ayu-Asra can be treated as shared character.

Ayu-Asra is a dragon.

He is about the size of a pigeon, has two heads, four legs, two wings and two tails. His hide is mottled green and covered in transparent scales. He has got spikes along his spine that he can bristle up when he feels threatened or wants to impress someone. If he tries hard, he can breathe fire, but that's barely enough to light a candle.

Each head has a "mind" of its own and controls one half of the body. They are very good at coordinating movement, but it can happen that they don't agree. This generally has non-pretty results, especially when it happens in mid-air.

His intelligence is comparable to that of a bright bird?.

His main interest is food; he eats just about anything, but prefers meat or sweet things.

Ayu-Asra can imitate sounds and voices, and can understand some context. He knows, for example, what "food" is, or at least that he sometimes gets some if he uses that sound on people.

He purrs or twitters when happy, hisses or roars when angry (though he might randomly decide to try out new sounds). The volume he can reach can be astoundingly loud.

Sylvie raised Ayu-Asra after a botched job - She was to bring a dragon egg to a mage who wanted to turn a young dragon into an familiar, but was too slow. The dragon hatched on the way, making it impossible to perform the necessary spells.

Ayu-Asra does what she tells him, as long as he understands it and is not currently distracted by something shiny, loud, moving, or something that might be edible (that is: rarely).

Note: Familiars are imprinted with a part of the mind of the person they are bound to, giving them near-human intelligence, as well as a telepathic/magic link to said person. Having a familiar that stupid would be rather embarrassing, so Sylvie will correct people who assume Ayu-Asra is not only a pet.

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