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Midara Fochs, aka Middy, aka Mids. Daughter of teh Sebastian Fochs and a young human noble, whose parents were less than thrilled about the happy event - instead claiming it a disaster, a disgrace to the blood and simply unacceptable.

So what do they do? Yes, that's right: they send the baby to a temple, one sufficiently far away from the family's manor. Lo and behold, the less-than-half-elf grew up decent (almost), strong and stubborn. (Blabla, Candy tired, must continue later...)

Note: Middy was originally a Faerūn-based character, but Candy has since decided to take her out of that context.

Yes, she inherited the luck.

Yes, she inherited the long lifespan... sorta.

Middy isn't immortal, like Sebbie, though still very long-lived. If she wasn't of Fochs blood, she would probably live up to 150 years, tops. As it now stands, her lifespan will likely be at least ten times that number. But she does age, albeit slowly - a few years for every century - and can, eventually, die of old age.

Snog would like to point out that Middy is absolutely kjoot, especially when angry. She is an expert craftswoman when it comes to the difficult art of Sebbie bashing.
Candy would like to specify that Middy isn't as violent when it comes to anyone else but daddy-dear. 'S in the blood.
Snog would like to further clarify that this would be the reason why Sebbie bashin is a difficult art.

Anke drew [Middy]

Anke is loved for drawing the Middy, especially the chibi which bears a strikingly exact resemblance to the Middy I always pictured in my head. (I wonder if I should worry that it's the chibi of her that looks the most alike...) I have more pics of Middy drawn by Snog lying around somewhere, I should scan them, I yhink. --Candy

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