Magdylana Crumb

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Countess Magdylana Crumb, the Magpie Countess, known as Mags to friends, is a Shaded military general.


Magdylana is a small faleigh woman with russet[1] hair and orange eyes (perfectly normal in faleighs).

She has a sharp, cackling laugh and a wicked smile.

She is somewhere around 5'4" or 5'5" tall with an athletic (fencer's) build. She is rather curvy with wide hips.


As a countess, Magdylana is the spouse of a count rather than nobility in her own right. She is a good commander, much more so than her husband (counties being 'house' titles, not war titles).

It's an open secret that they are estranged and remaining together only for convenience's sake. Magdylana uses her maiden name, Crumb, for all her business, and both parties keep consorts. They have no children.

Rumours have linked Magdylana with Suitov Iceheart, though in what capacity remains unclear.


Magdylana is a demon with a rapier-swordbreaker combo. She is left-handed. She probably has no magic. She rides well and owns a nippy black-and-white paint[2] east horse.

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