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A mindbond, or bond, is formed between two individuals' minds (or souls in some systems). Occasionally, bonds have been formed between three or more individuals. Individuals bonded to one another are often called bondmates. Some bondmates prefer to say "bound" instead of "bonded".

In general, bonds allow communication and sharing of thoughts and/or feelings in a relatively passive way. Some bonds allow more active interaction, varying from deliberately affecting a bondmate's mood to controlling des actions, sometimes 'possessing' des body for that purpose.

Types of mindbond

Other types of bond

Some objects can become linked to their owners or creators, which can also be called a bond.

Some individuals claim to be bonded to entities that do not exist in the same universe, or otherwise cannot be contacted in another way. If there is no way to verify such a claim, they risk being labelled mentally ill.

Notable bondmates

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