Princess Ziggy

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Twine is not an encyclopaedia of everything. This short Real World article has been added because it is a regular subject of conversation or useful background knowledge.

Princess Ziggy is part Maine Coon, a longhaired tabby with an enormous fluffy tail. He dances most prettily and has a voice like a foghorn. He is Piper's friend/archenemy.

His original owners think he is called Ziggy. His names around BitMaP territory include "Princess", "Lance", "Lance Vance", "Helliw Laance!", "Mr Lance Vance Dance"/"Lance Vance do your dance!"/"This is the last dance for Lance Vance", "Ziggy Stardust", "Move Zig", "Go home!", "You don't live here!", "Giggy" and, recently, "Twiglet".

He is not to be confused with Lance Erinsson.

Artist's impression:

Slen's phone photo:

Princess Ziggy enjoys doing meerkat impressions, attacking the feet of sleeping humans, and 'playfighting' with Piper. In this last hobby, he likes to be underneath. He is very vocal during such [sessions].

Certain individuals are known to cheer, cackle raucously or bellow "Have babies!" during his wrestling matches with Piper. Unfortunately, Lance has thus far shown no inclination to have m-preg babies.

He remembers Snog and Simon's feet with fondness.

Princess has been shown, in several exhaustive tests, to be a sight and sound hunter with little or no sense of smell. If he loses sight of a biscuit he can rarely find it again by scent, and when he does detect one he is very imprecise and unmethodical, biting at any pieces of fluff and hands in the vicinity until the food is discovered. It is believed that this nasal impairment is the reason he can stand being near to Piper so frequently.

Memorable quotes:

Memorable poses:

prnisses isd nott alowd biscikss --peypar

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