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Roccoa is spoken by the inhabitants of Dor Roc on Shade. "Roccoa" literally means "concerning someone from [Dor] Roc" and by extension is understood to mean "to do with rocca" ("rocca" itself properly referring to the continent, not a species, but used as a species name by everyone else).

Our understanding of its vocabulary is tragically coloured by the usage of the most talkative rocca encountered, one Laffent Ferrl.

General features of the language

No alphabet. Roccoa writing is not a direct representation of a spoken language but more along the lines of pictograms.

Nor is there a single agreed meaning for any pictogram. Even whoever drew it may not remember what it means if they come across their writing after a month or so.

Plains roccoa

(Northern Roccoa is very similar, but a different dialect with different slang and pronunciation.)

Random vocabulary

* "horse" refers to West Horse



There is no generic "to do"/machen/faire/tehdä verb as such.

Name examples


Family names

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