Laffent Ferrl

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Laffent Ferrl, Crusher First Class, is a roccoa officer in Suitov Iceheart's Suitov's Army.

She is a Twine Wars viewpoint character written by Mutt.


Tall, straight back, strong stance, short-cropped light brown hair, lively burnt sienna eyes. Ferrl typically looks skeptical, but despite (or more likely because of) being a highly dangerous professional warrior, she doesn't loom and threaten much.

You could compare Ferrl to an Amazon warrior, if Amazons were seven feet tall, had blue skin and swore like sailors. (Which they may well have done. Ferrl's writer doesn't know.) Either way, among Dor Roc's inhabitants she's a classical beauty: nice curves, nice muscles, nice strong jawline.

Ferrl's strength comes from honest work and her build looks nothing like an artificially sculpted bodybuilder's. She is well- and evenly-muscled. Her jaw is strong, not a bucket. In other words, she's not a hulking monstrous orc; she's a pretty woman and an orc. (You can think of She-Hulk, but make sure it's a version by a competent artist. Ferrl smash tiny waists.)


Ferrl is pronounced with a schwa* before the L (like in 'referral', but shorter - perhaps closer to how an American English speaker would pronounce 'furl'). Laffent is stressed equally on both syllables.


Ferrl is a pretty decent cavalry longbowman, but generally prefers her feet on the ground. She can handle a heavy longsword and occasionally mixes it with the infantry. She is strong proportionate to her size and much more intelligent than her countrymen seem. She has untrained magical aptitude.

Clothing and armament

In uniform

When in uniform but not in armour, she'll be seen in a black-and-gold tunic and black riding leggings, with boots and sometimes gloves (light, not gauntlet).

As an archer she's normally in light armour for movement's sake. When she gets in close and dirty she wears heavier stuff; rocca are strong enough to be kitted out very solidly. An archer's helmet has large eyeholes for visibility, though the design protects the eyes as well as possible otherwise.

She always has a standard longsword. Her bow is absolutely huge. Nobody human or faleigh size has a chance of stringing or bending it.


Ferrl is from Dor Roc on Shade where, among her (extended) family, she worked as a knacker as well as the usual horseback herding, hunting with bows and other day-to-day life.

Her younger brother is Sammet Ferrl, a cavalryman.


"Bollocks and pebbledash!"
--[Laffent's first ever words on a storyboard] (which may be abandoned or continued; either way the quotation is certainly characteristic...)


* a schwa is a [neutral vowel sound], like the e in 'kitten' and 'Laffent'

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