Sammet Ferrl

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Sammet Ferrl is a roccoa cavalry soldier.


Tall with a swagger and an easy smile. Upper body strength to spare. Very-light-brown-to-blond hair, prematurely greying from age 23. Tangerine eyes (normal in rocca).


Ferrl works and unwinds with equal enthusiasm. That, for the sake of disambiguation, is a lot of enthusiasm. He likes women and weapons, generally (but not always) separately.


Ferrl can use a bow in the saddle but prefers heavy weaponry. He is very experienced with horses, including general care, breaking-in and training, and he knows enough about their injuries and illnesses to know when to call a medic.


Sammet rhymes with dammit. Ferrl is pronounced with a schwa* before the L (like in 'referral', but shorter - perhaps closer to how an American English speaker would pronounce 'furl').


Ferrl is from Dor Roc on Shade. He has an older sister, also a soldier.


* a schwa is a [neutral vowel sound], like the e in 'kitten' and 'Laffent'

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