Roy IX Of Woking

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King Roy IX of Woking is reigning king of Sucrouw, the southern crown city, at the time leading up to the Twine Wars events.

Born Ives, he is the eldest son of the former queen by a servant, not her husband. Ives was third in line for the throne, his mother having preferred his younger half-brother and -sister as heirs ahead of him.

During a tragic incident that occurred while Ives was definitely in the vicinity of Heycron, some 300km from Sucrouw, in the presence of witnesses of unimpeachable character, which facts are undisputed, Ives' mother and half-siblings were taken ill. Ives rushed to attend to his beloved family as soon as he heard of their illness, but they tragically died before he arrived back in the city. With a heavy heart and many decorous speeches, much lauded by all who heard them, Ives therefore assumed the throne, taking the name Roy IX, and has ruled justly and with great wisdom, much beloved of the people.

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