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Twine is not an encyclopaedia of everything. This short Real World article has been added because it is a regular subject of conversation or useful background knowledge.

Solina is a Real World friend of Snog's; a perfectionist gone totally nuts in a horribly proper way. She is also partially at fault for what Varus is today. It was one bright summer day in the year 2002 After the Death of an Idealist Who Is Paid Lip Service in the Present when people were bored and about to start improvising an RPG. (This happened very often in those days.)

As the culprit confessed that she couldn't figure out a character to play, Snog suddenly remembers an old project he had tried to put to words in vain and asks her if she would like to help him play a bunch of elf-like creatures.

He gives her Varus and explains his personality and concept very briefly. She does a wonderful job, up to the point where Varus starts to scare Snog.

Solina also means "Sound-of-Running-Water" and came before the grocery store that stole her name. Or, for that matter, the spring water brand - which has proved amusing in regards to calculating the price of the person Solina.

She has a few memorable WtA characters: Nuit Place-to-Place, a womanizer Silent Strider with an address book organized by city instead of by name; and Freyja Odinsdottir aka Sound-of-Running-Blood, a Fenrir Philodox with a bad attitude, also the patron of Pomppu-Pubi.

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