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Varus is the more or less annoying and rambling protagonist and narrator of An Ivory Tale, which itself is a part of Ivoryverse. A 'near ancient Caedaren', as he is called, who seems to lack faith in the young generations and simply refuses to die because it amuses him so to see the children grumble that they could have saved the day better by themselves. Or so he says.

The Ephemeral Clad in Morbid Reflections and Fruitbats is claimed to make use of him, but as always, he makes no claims of any kind. In a recent press release, he said to "take the bastard! Take him! Take him! Save my sanity!"

On a far more serious note, Varus' youth was far before the Exodus, making him among the few real elders of the Caedaren. In those days the Saylunas were a large, prominent and progressively thinking bloodline of nobles that threw their weight around for the Hearts in particular. Born to a strong Heart mother that later died at childbirth, Varus found himself raised by a father of vast intelligence but with no clue over how to discipline or inspire a boy in the martial ways. More often than not, Varus would find himself perusing tomes, studying, arguing and debating with high-profile friends of his mother's, regaining a reputation as a courtier with a dangerously keen wit.

A major turning point in his life came when one summer his bloodline began to pressure him into joining the Hearts with arguments toward tradition and honour. In response, the now adult Varus, who had grown accustomed to an easy life of study and occasional parties, ran off on a drinking binge. To his shock one late summer evening, he found himself marching (hungover) toward the deepest of Deepwild with a commission with the Eyes and a trainer that would not take no for an answer even from a Caedaren of a size almost unheard of in those days. Finding strange attunement with his accidentally chosen craft, Varus disappeared from his family for good, preferring a simpler lifestyle and amusing himself with thoughts of how his family took his disappearance.

The next real turning point in his life was the Exodus, and the battles preceding it. He picked up most of his current tricks from these very times, rising to Master Eye (the equivalent of a commander of small stature back then and the equivalent of a regional commander during the times of An Ivory Tale) in rank during the beginning of the Exodus.

He made his public reappearance to his family at the very same time the debate for a new and improved Moon Guard was going on, surprising many at the gathering when the Sayluna bloodline was asked to vote on the issue. Although the remnant of his bloodline had little to say to him at that very moment other than negative feedback over his choice of career, he was more than glad to join the Moon Guard and cast his vote with the rest of his family when the time came to choose the next commander.

Varus himself took the mantle of the Senet Carenda when the Moon Guard (or Bleeders as they were being called as of then) split in two.

As of late, he has been very busy coming up with things to help hang the other anardes.

[The Passion of Saint Varus]

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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