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This article describes a Profusion or MoonBurnt member.

Wyldsong, usually known as Snog, is a fictitious creature that resides somewhere between north and east from the most southwestern point of the world. He does not enjoy referring to himself in the third person very much, and the creature is known to have outlandish ideas and very little willpower in the way of actually getting these ideas off the ground due to some strange disgruntlement.

Very few things actually get close to his heart, but the things that do seem to get stuck in there, whether or not he genuinely knows anything about them. He may well be pretending to know, however.

This creature of Nordic darkness is known by many names, most of which he more or less answers to. The creature worshipped by few. To wit, all his imaginary friends, and even those with great reluctance despite the obvious symbiosis between said friends and creature. Most of these reside in what is very tentatively called Swansong, or Ivoryverse.

True to Worldsongian culture, his tools of trade are a stubborn construct by the name of Claire (a custom AMD64 desktop with a wonderfully dysfunctional hard drive) and several musical and mythological sources, most of which shamelessly stolen from other cultures. This, too, is true to the Worldsongian culture.

The creature has recently been spotted armed with a text editor, a pen and a bottle of sugar liquids at an undisclosed area in the dark north, but he has been said to have relocated there in order to better back up the Northern Liberative.

As a last warning, the creature is known to be mopey if annoyed. In almost every other state of mind, the creature is either dangerously delirious or punning so badly, it is dangerous. Consult your doctor before setting off hunting for the creature. He has a tendency to be an incredible baby over the slightest things, and yet act uncaring over more important ones.

Known (reluctant) minions: Sebastian, a.k.a. the Hat, the Fox, the Divine Pawn, the King of Fools, Serpentine Lockfist, [Aiapolo Gais]?, Pierce Skylight, Taur Meanfoot, St. Croix

Known (reluctant) fiends of the fifth circle: Varus Sayluna, Grand Mischief Master

Known books of evil ivory: Things Ivory, Swansong, An Ivory Tale

Eeza Snog, more to the point, and eeza kjoot. --Umm... Nobody...

*DIES!* --Nobody. Also.

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