An Ivory Tale

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An Ivory Tale as a project began with the very first RP character Snog ever had, and who has just recently made his appearance in the so far longest story related to the world of Ivory - that is, An Ivory Tale. The wannabe-author is not too sure if the name is a working title or the one it the story will be stuck with for as long as there are traces of it around, but one thing is clear. It's going to be bloody huge. And it's already heavy to read.

So huge and heavy, that it has become necessary to write a summary on the things and terms of the Tale. Swansong has tried to accomplish that, but it holds secrets not told in the story (mostly, the metaphysical and theoretical details behind things, such as magick). The summary, however, is a much more pragmatic approach, and really useful for those who want to know what some of the terms and names mean. Thus it's not as heavy as Swansong, and more about generalisation than anything.

The story itself can be read from [Snog's Elfwood Library].

The summary will be called Things Ivory.

Snog would also like to thank a few people at this stage.

ReeToes for permission to use the kitty poem (although it is a bit out of context when pronounced by Varus) and support, though she may not realise she has given it.

Candy for surprising the author by being shocked by the Tale, and for pummeling him whenever there were glaring errors in both style and grammar.

Mutt for loving Contesq and laughing at the lousy puns Varus makes.

Dev for her insatiable hunger.

Connie for the same, and remarking how utterly insane the Caedaren are.

[Sarah Condon] for support - you'll likely never read this, but thank you anyway!

Also, Solina for spicing Varus' personality with an exotic flavour.

A bunch of other people who'll likely never read this. You have my gratitude. I know I speak early, but I've been putting this off for a long time now.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
Things Ivory (glossary) | Varus Sayluna (narrating character) | Swansong (background)
Read the story: An Ivory Tale at Worldsong's Elfwood library

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