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Swansong is what the Ephemeral Clad in Morbid Reflections and Fruitbats (re: the creature from the deepest pits of the freezer) refers to as the Magnificent Opus of Ivoryverse, although a few who dabble in the occult claim that it's really just a post-it note's worth of text reminescent to Grug the Stupid's religious tract, which detailed the Thousand Bats Heresy.

More succinctly: Swansong is a guide to Snog's Ivoryverse. --Mutt

Planned contents

Below, added, is the directory, now that it has been decided to upload Swansong here as well. The information will show up spontaneously and at random intervals, so any readers are advised to not hold their breath, unless of course they have not brushed their teeth. Again, suggestions concerning topics are more than welcome. Especially ones concerning the look of the summary.

  1. Epilogue
  2. Creation
    1. Early History & Creation From the Anarde Perspective
    2. The Basics of Magic, and How They Weave with History
  3. Creatures
    1. Anardes
      1. Of Faiths, Pantheons and Physiology
      2. Caedaren
        1. Alvheim, and How the Caedaren Hide
      3. Sheadaren
        1. The Conquerors
      4. Faldaren
    2. Humans
      1. Of Faiths, Pantheons and Physiology
      2. The Hundred Kingdoms
        1. Atronadda, the One Kingdom
      3. Teragon, the Kingdom of Steel
      4. Vikland
      5. The Southern Belt
  4. The World
    1. The Known World
    2. The Eastern Continent
    3. The Central Continent
    4. The Western Continent
    5. The South
    6. Sights and Oddities
      1. Firesea - the Hole in the Sea

See also

The other opus, Things Ivory, which is even more centered on the Caedaren than Swansong is.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
Things Ivory (glossary) | Varus Sayluna (narrating character) | Swansong (background)
Read the story: An Ivory Tale at Worldsong's Elfwood library

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