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Ivoryverse is the setting for An Ivory Tale and Swansong, written by Wyldsong. Summary and topic list: Things Ivory

Ivoryverse is a land where to some creatures backstabbing is everyday, and the biggest problem is not looking behind the door that just creaked ominously. Humans squabble among each other constantly in the remains of a fallen empire while another, young empire watches with vague amusement, biding its time in wait for something the astrologists fear.

To the west of the centre lies a small kingdom of the dead that is determined to keep up a routine that could very well last thousands of years. To the south, the remnants of early cultures contain forgotten magicks and technology that even the faeries leave alone for the most part - and the Hole in Sea, the most southern coast, shaped like a semi-circle as wide as the toppled empire of the middle continent.

In the north, the Deepwild, myths and legends and ancient creatures socialize with the spirits and the northern lights. Millennia ago, the feared snowghosts spread south and became the darklight fae. From the northeast and northwest in the same times came two tribes of dawn fae, like night and day to each other.

Ivoryverse is...

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