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Contesq Lumbiawe is "a blooming Ghost Eye" associated with Varus and things Ivory. Also has a strange fling with Ganawade.

Varus describes her thus:

The woman, a good example of the seldomly seen and heard wilderness scouts - or Eyes -, had dark blue and tawny eyes and the very sharp nose gave her a somewhat haunting appearance, quite striking and alluring. She had cut her hair shorter than was fashionable, and was heftier than most other Caedaren women[.]

Because Snog asked for comments: Mutt thinks Contesq is rather wonderful, and that's not an adjective Mutt uses lightly.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
Things Ivory (glossary) | Varus Sayluna (narrating character) | Swansong (background)
Read the story: An Ivory Tale at Worldsong's Elfwood library

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