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The flipside of the Sun Guard, of which it was originally a part of, and, it is said, still is a part of. Bleeding Hearts are a hotchpotch mix of everything from elite soldiers to spies, assassins, magickers and whatnot, much like the Eyes. They are, in a sense, the Caedaren nation's security forces and are the most likely to be in contact with humans and other civilised creatures. Likely tasks for a Bleeder involve patrolling at night, assassinating people who pick on Caedaren and misguiding other anarde tribes, as well as other sneaky jobs.*

The Bleeders have three main branches; the Senet, commanded by Lord Varus Sayluna, the Mivet, commanded by Lady Taliat Talienne and the Vovet?, commanded by Lord Erkhan Nivlande.

The most curious part of the Bleeders is that they are the faction that has not, despite rumours, taken vengeance to the front door of the offending party. These rumours are largely false. They like taking it inside the offending party's house.

* Quite often, sneaking into some commoner or noble's daughter's room.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
Things Ivory (glossary) | Varus Sayluna (narrating character) | Swansong (background)
Read the story: An Ivory Tale at Worldsong's Elfwood library

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