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The birth of the Mivet came when it looked as if the Sheadaren were going to keep making life hard for the Caedaren - as if they hadn't done enough.

The greatest Carenda of Caedaren history in the eyes of most people, Gavvat Talienne, would have none of this. The Caedaren couldn't - and wouldn't retreat further south, not while their plans were still blooming. The old warhorse and then supreme commander (or Carenda) of the Bleeders, summoned to him the most promising of the Arenda-Nar (or regional commanders) and hosted a short meeting.

The Bleeders agreed to split into two. The Senet, that would resume as the Bleeders had in the south by keeping the humans busy and guessing with the other factions, and the Mivet that would take a step backwards in progress and co-operate with the primals in keeping the Sheadaren off the tribe's back.

Two things happened. One, the Sheadaren were forced to be cautious and respond to guerilla tactics with guerilla tactics, lest they invoke the suspicion of the humans by commiting too many warriors to the area. Two, Gavvat, who insisted that he was going to lead by example, kicked the bucket. He was replaced by a string of Mivet Carendas, who all met their demise sooner or later on the field. This kept on going until Gavvat's daughter Taliat was finally promoted by the two other Carendas (the Senet had split into two again by then) into the unenviable position of Carenda Mivet. Taliat, however, wouldn't have had it any other way.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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