Faction (Caedaren)

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What a faction is for, that's a very tricky one. The natural reasons would be that the Caedaren are pack animals and that they like to teach on things that are known to work, and these methods are best taught in an enclosed guild-like environment where everyone higher up in the hierarchy can help those lower hone their skills. The religious and historical reasons behind this would be that in the times before the birth of the Common Law, a number of people figured out that their way was better and collected followers. After the birth of the Common Law and the unification that came in its wake, the factions were given the task to protect and not terrorise the honest common folk, who kept everything running despite serious infighting among the other populace.

Factions have died by being integrated into other factions, new ones have been born from nothing and from other factions. A good example of the latter is how the Bleeders formed - primarily, but not only - from the ranks of Ghost Eyes and Hearts.

Actually getting in a faction is easy. Getting out of one might be a different thing, because one becomes attached to the advantages related to being a faction member (if one attains enough independence, that is) despite the chance of death. Curiosity propels anything in the Caedaren perspective. The process is simple as hell. It's walking to any barracks or whatnot of whatever faction one wants to join, talking to the quartermaster or commanding officer and signing a form if one is deemed fit enough: there may well be tests. There might be an evaluation period. But it is still childishly easy to at least attempt to join a faction. In the same manner, retirement is a possibility at any point, but the retirée is closely watched. The factions dislike their secrets being told to other factions.

(See also, freewarrior.)

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