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The Chumsare is an ancient pact that saw its beginning when the proto-Caedaren tribals first arrived in what the Caedaren of present refer to as their homeland in the Deepwild. Curiously, they omit the name of their homeland from texts and speech, as if due to some strange shame. The exact moment is known to every Caedaren as the one when the Leafpeople tribe experienced a religious revelation that saved them all from killing themselves through infighting.

If put short, the Common Law decrees that the commoners trust and obey the nobles, and the nobles treat the commoners with the same trust, protecting them. These edicts slowly resulted in a total symbiosis. It is commonly agreed that should the bonds break, the situation could be called a small-scale doomsday.


Tchum-sah-ree with a very short m, and the a like in the British path. (I have this mental image of Sevroa pronouncing it Ktchummshaareyh, but he bludgeons Daren as it is...)

Addendum: /tʃʉmsʌɦri:/ (I'm going to have to come back to this once I've studied this properly, but this appears to be the correct way.)

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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