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Daren is the language that the anardes speak, though there are some anarde tribes that can barely understand each other - Middle Daren is the language most of the different tribes communicate with each other unless they can understand each other passably as it is. There is no general New Daren as such, and most tribes will just refer to their language as Daren.

Most Caedaren speak an informal version of Old Daren, though some old ones (Varus, though he slips sometimes) persistently try to hang on to their precious childhood language. Caedaren magickers, clergy and savants are known to speak Old Daren's high-falutin version, but for the most part, the young ones just won't bother. Few Caedaren know Middle Daren.

Daren is rhythmical and, unfortunately for the few humans that try to learn it, has a very strange tense in addition to the standard human ones... it's known as "the strange what might be but then again might not" tense among juvenile students of any of the New Daren languages. Formally, it is called the flexible tense.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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