Anarde Tribes

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There is no sure knowledge of how many anarde tribes there actually are, but the most known are the southern Yiadaren and their Faldaren cousins from the east. The Yiadaren, cryptic and nomadic anardes who mostly inhabit Teragon, have confirmed the existence of the Sheadaren in the north. The Caedaren are largely ignored unless they are seen too close to the other anardes - the Sheadaren, of course, feel it is simply pre-emptive common sense to rid any Caedaren settlement too close to the north.

Most humans in the Hundred Kingdoms actually don't know if the snowghosts of the wild are the sneaky Caedaren that have tricked them of their lands and played them like instruments (...though most still don't understand the joke's on them...), or maybe some other tribe. So far, the peasantry has dubbed them (for their command over the beastmen) the Lords and Dames, though the Fists consider the term to be a bit too pretty. How are they supposed to wreak honest havoc when they're bowed to?

So, in no particular order, the tribes known by the humans...

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