Fist (Caedaren)

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A modern member of the Fists is the present culmination of a type of warrior that has existed for almost as long as the anardes have. They do not think of themselves as a faction, but they make the difference between themselves, the Souls and the commoners. And of course the nearie trash.

A Fist is more than the stereotype of a berserking, foaming, drunk and (...granted, it is true) smelly muscle-bound Caedaren that can count to two because he has two gauntled-clad fists with which to beat things into pulp. They are, above all, rulers like every warrior in the Caedaren culture, and to be a ruler among the Fists a would-be leader must be strong, wise, popular... and mindful of the spirits. They are the fence that keeps the commoners safe from animals and other hazards - and the commoner better not forget this, or the fence might be emptying his bladder at a critical point in the commoner's life. (Usually, the point of death.)

(See primals.)

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