Spirit (Ivory)

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Spirits in Ivoryverse are actually pretty low in power. The plant spirits are hardly non-sentient, but they could care less for the other living creatures... except for the runts that eat them. They're all for predatory animals.

There is, however, the matter of Pact Trees, but the connection is something the Caedaren - or the Sheadaren for that matter - won't speak of. The anardes aren't the only ones with some sort of connection to the Pact Trees - there are a few human religions that have their own beliefs concerning these curious trees.

Other spirits, such as ghosts, have more meaning to the people of the world, but they are equally low in power... although they are known to lend their skills to those who would promise to sacrifice to them. Occasionally some like to oversee that their blood will remain in the world, but in the end, death is also a temporary state. Most ghosts end up eaten by some "bigger fish" (and there's always a bigger fish, especially if you're at a fishing contest) or dissolved in to the ambient spirit winds.

Likewise, the spirits of extinct species and dead animals still live and tread paths mortals don't. Souls (also known as Spirits) tread these paths often, and are usually quite intoxicated (more so than usual) when they return from their sojourns in the spirit world. Souls also power their magicks by trapping spirits into carvings and little cages made of willow.

Spirits are colourful, as is the spirit world. From the spirit world, one can see everything and not be seen from the world of sunlight - which more than explains why the Caedaren are fiddling with it like little children...

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