Primal (Caedaren)

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Primal Caedaren are the conservatives who never found it suitable or tasteful to leave the ancient ways... or so they think, the 'nearies' retort. The facts are, primals are Caedaren with an alternative lifestyle and are much more like the truly ancient anardes.

They keep intelligent beastmen as wards (or slaves, depending on the local Fistlord's mindset) and beat the hell out of any beastman that has been corrupted by too much Father. Apart from this, the Souls and Fists are staunch believers of living like animals.

After all, all things are of Mother and Father. If animals are too, then why the bloody hell should they be more than animals?

Despite this, they do work with the nation for the good of the nation, and always have, when it is necessary and everyone can agree on something. Though they are disgruntled and see the city slickers as vain people who have forgotten their roots and survival skills, they still openly socialise with Eyes, Bleeders and those who have the sense to honour their ways.

Highly educated and civilised magickers, however, usually get a proper trashing if they get snobby.

An Ivory Tale by Wyldsong:
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