Father (Caedaren)

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The first of two truly grand figures (alphabetically) in Caedaren religion is Father, a largely absent figure in the world, but one everyone will certainly notice. Father is said to be around when something cataclysmic happens - huge storms, earthquakes and the sudden mutation of livestock into bloodthirsty flying cows. He is evolution, change, entropy and destruction. And still, he is the progenitor of everything living, but he seems to have trouble deciding whether or not to kill (or to accept) his children.

Father is worshipped and prayed to (very, very, very cautiously) whenever there is a battle to be fought. Mostly the prayers are the "look the bloody other way, old man" type, as Father tends to revel in death and suffering and open portals to other worlds with particularly nasty creatures inside to make things even more interesting. (Suffice to say, the dead find the joke very bad.)

(See Mother; also see the entry about Father and Mother.)

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