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Terraree means "Terra (Ree)" or "Ree's version of Terra" and refers to the Terra that originated Jaina Jade, Pasht and other vampire hunters. It is an internal name only -- Jaina identifies her planetary origin as Earth, Terra, or other synonyms. "Terraree" simply denotes a specific version of the planet for fellow writer-roleplayers.

Terraree is infested with various monsters that feed on humans, a fact hidden from most of that world's inhabitants. They are in turned hunted by Terraree's hidden vampire hunters. In most other respects, the planet resembles the writer's Terra.

Magic is strained on Terraree. Spellcasters used to drawing on loose magic have a very difficult time casting anything there; mages of innate ability have somewhat better luck.

Denizens of this Terra:

Cate Whitlen is probably from a future Terraree.

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