Vampire (Wine)

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The They Never Drink Wine vampires are fairly traditional vampires with a few Eastern European traditions thrown in.

(See the page on NDW for a cast list and other information about the board.)


Strength and speed enhanced to whatever degree the writer thinks appropriate. Senses likewise.

One or two of the generic vampire powers, such as turning into mist or nocturnal creatures, flight, commanding nocturnal creatures or being invisible in mirrors and recording equipment (though this may not count as a power), at the writer's discretion.


It's somewhat up to writers what minor vulnerabilities to give their characters (eg garlic), although all are vulnerable to sunlight, stakes, religious symbols and so on. All are subject to the hierarchy rules.

We'll probably ignore the traditional 'cannot cross running water' weakness, although scattering ashes into a river is likely still to work as a method of disposal.


A vampire cannot directly kill the vampire that sired it. It must obey its sire, though can twist the meaning of the instructions to suit it.

Other effects

The version of Rige Iceheart on the board has had his magical ability stripped by the vampirism. (Although the odds are against vampires from Shade existing at all, this is in fact a quite predictable side effect.)


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