Vampire (Shade)

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Shade has no native vampirism or vampiric possession.

Blood-drinkers in nature

There are small animals (eg insects) known to supplement their diets by drinking blood.


As it happens, there is no direct equivalent of the vampire in any of Shade's known folklores either. Blood-drinking by villains is generally symbolic for savagery, superstition or sex.

Blood cults

According to Suitov Iceheart, Twine Wars era Shade does have some blood cults (based on superstition and bad magoscience rather than religion).

"ritual bloodletting, chanting, criminal damage ... It all sounds quite juvenile" --Iceheart [1]

Offworld strains

OOCly, Shade's lack of vampirism is easily explained by Shade's author not being interested in writing vampire stories (that's not to say ey has no interest, ever; just that ey doesn't feel like having vampirism be a huge significant Thing on eir world. Iceheart, for one, would exploit it too readily. An exception is the definitely-AU They Never Drink Wine, which works on Rule of Funny).

Shade's sapients and animals cannot and will not contract most naturalistic/virally-transmitted kinds of vampirism (see Shaded genetics), while Shade's author is not interested in playing with vampirism that affects the 'soul' or simply 'turns people evil'.

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