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This article describes a Profusion or MoonBurnt member.

Veltzeh tends to resemble a human-like being. Ey plays tabletop and play-by-post role-playing games. Ey likes to create worlds, write stories about them and then draw things from the stories.

The genre Veltzeh is most interested in is science fiction. Inside science fiction, ey prefers alternative Earths, aliens, new planets, spacetravel, descriptions of humanoid species and societies, computer hacking, cybertechnology, mutants, superheroes, and anything not involving "the two sexes".


(Detail to be added eventually.)


Veltzeh's worlds are quite strict and characters are very world-tied; the worlds don't cross over. However, there is one exception, the extradimensional space of THOH. Technically, everything and anything can be in it, so the extradimensional spacetravelers of THOH happily "pretend" that all "impossible" worlds are located in some turd of extradimensional space.

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