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Gender-neutral pronouns and neuter pronouns are a minor hobby of some Pro members, whether inventing entire languages or just playing with gender.

A gender-neutral pronoun can be applied to any singular person, and means "he/she/the person/whatever". So it can be applied equally well to a male, female, other or unknown without being insulting.

A neuter pronoun refers to someone who refuses gender altogether or wants to be viewed as "somewhere in the middle".

A neuter pronoun may also be used in cultures with sterilisation or surgical desexing procedures, to refer to someone who has undergone one of these procedures. (Important note: if the process was involuntary or done purely for reproductive convenience, the individual may not want to be known by the neuter. In the majority of cases it's considered most polite to follow the individual's preference.)

Who uses them?

For worlds or species with different sexes to the common male/female pair, there will be different rules. (Read their individual pages to learn more.)

Fuzzbuckets of the third physical sex must be referred to using a gender-neutral or neuter pronoun: they don't mind which type. "She" or "he" is just plain wrong. It would be insulting to call an individual "it", and confusing or insulting to call an individual "s/he", since that term implies that 'she' and 'he' are the only two options. (Friends of fuzz admittedly get a lot more worked up about this than fuzz themselves.)

Mutt uses gender-neutral or neuter pronouns to refer to desself, and you're welcome to join in.

Some gender-neutral pronouns

Some neuter pronouns

No specifically neuter pronouns sighted as yet.

Sankmarray pronouns

See also

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