Pirate (Sankmarray)

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Ninjas greatly resembled pirates outwardly; digitigrade instead of flat-footed, shorter and broader in the nose, the keel of the chest was sharper, of course the hips were different, and--driven by natural piratical curiosity, Taupe pulled off the face mask and pushed aside the upper lip--yes, it was true about the doubled fangs; they were smaller, narrower, but there were eight of them. -- Taupeshank's narration

i.e. pirates: plantigrade, longer thinner noses (typically Roman/aquiline), chest less sharply pointed along the vertical midline, two fangs apiece on upper and lower jaws.

Pirates are a species from Sankmarray. Their nation is Libertalia.


The pronoun for all pirates is "pe", as in "A ninja attacked pim, so pe drew pis sonic cutlass".


A pirate king is a special pirate who, because of hormonal changes, grows much bigger and stronger than normal crew. Despite the physical, which includes a 'beard' of long hair growing over the shoulders and down the back, a major evolutionary purpose of kings is their heightened senses.


Pirates are very touchy about their independence, both as individuals and as a makeshift nation. They greatly fear the loss of individuality.

Pirates and ninjas, and hence Libertalia and Temple, are deadly enemies.

Shipboard pirates are generally highly superstitious. Particular superstitions involve not saying God's name at sea (they say Ishmethit instead) and, of course, never ever letting ninjas on board. They often sprinkle water after mentioning ninjas.

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