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Taupeshank is a pirate king of Sankmarray.


Pe was arresting. Not glamorous, not by any stretch of the word. Sun-bitten, even swarthy. No makeup. Hair loose. Authoritative. Assured. Large brown eyes. A pirate's aquiline nose. Dark lips, a lightly furred chin. -- Alluring Swiper's narration

sturdy legs[...] short prehensile tail and strong arms [...] all covered in short, apricot fur. And then there was that magnificent black-and-white mane all down pis back. -- Alluring Swiper's narration

Taupeshank is a typical pirate king, being much taller than pirate crew, muscular and with a 'beard' from the base of the tail, widening upwards to the shoulders and back of neck. Pe is of indeterminate age. Pis hair and beard are salt-and-pepper, black and white in roughly equal proportion. Pis fur is apricot in colour.

Pe wears a tri-corner hat and comfortable, worn trousers and shirts. On pis own ship pe often wanders around shirtless, which is unremarkable; the main use pirates have for shirts is to keep their stuff in them.


Taupeshank has seen (and done) a lot. In pis experience, life is seldom as simple as it appears. Neither, therefore, is Taupeshank.

Like all pirates, Taupeshank compulsively needs freedom and independence and greatly fears the loss of autonomy and personality.


Taupeshank has the heigtened senses of a pirate king and wields a fully-grown psi whip. Pe can also handle a sonic cutlass and shoot reasonably well. Pe can, of course, command a crew, but is accustomed to leave air battle arrangements to pis lieutenant Roseeye.

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