Alluring Swiper

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Alluring Swiper is a ninja of Sankmarray.


A limber, tailless beauty in camo cloth currently blue as the ocean. Ne cut a particularly gorgeous figure[.] -- Alluring's own narration

The ninja was nervously extending and sheathing ner war claws. Ne was golden-haired, pasty and afraid. -- Taupeshank's narration

Alluring is barely sixteen in human terms. Ne has flawless proportions and perfect hair. Ner claws are sharp and lovely. Ne usually wears the traditional face mask and camo cloth fatigues that gradually and continuously shift colour to match ner surroundings. Because of the face mask, only the skin around ner eyes gets much sun, leaving the rest of the face relatively pale but not pallid (ninjas do remove their masks at many times, usually when alone).

Alluring is golden-haired and fair-skinned, and has creamy fur with a slight green tinge. Ner eyes are hazel.


Alluring is completely self-obsessed.


Alluring is the self-proclaimed best in the world where stereotypical ninja activities are concerned. Ne is firmly convinced of this and will allow no debate on the issue.

Ne is, however, jaw-droppingly ignorant, very inexperienced and given to letting ner ego stand in for ner common sense.

Alluring has the usual ninja psychic abilities (i.e. projection, not mind-reading).

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